Hydrating Facial Mist - The Beauty by BB Hydrating Facial Mist will leave your skin feeling silky soft whilst giving you that burst of hydration and reducing signs of dryness. This wonder product contains anti-ageing ingredients and also helps protect against sun damage. These hero ingredients combine to give you the best as part of your daily routine!White lily extract: Balances cell renewal whilst purifying and detoxifying. It is also a great antiseptic.



Avocado oil: High in vitamin E, contains oleic acid which promotes collagen production, helping to grow new skin. Also helping to treat sunburn by accelerating the healing process.

Argan oil: Protects from sun damage and great for acne-prone skin. Holding anti-ageing properties to support that natural glow.

Rose water: Improves skin complexion and reduces skin dryness, as well as being antibacterial.

Aloe barbadensis leaf juice: Contains cooling and moisturising properties. Is soothing to the skin, whilst replenishing vitamins and minerals to give your skin the best.

Hydrating Facial Mist