PM Oil - This incredible product is a great source of vitamins, omega 5, omega 6 and omega 9 and is great for all skin types. Helping to rejuvenate and cleanse your skin as you sleep!⠀ Use it before bed to source your complexion with all the vitamins and minerals it has. ⠀



Sunflower seed oil: A great source of vitamin E, rich in antioxidants, effective against reducing redness and inflammation.⠀

Grape-seed oil: Great for oily or acne-prone skin whilst being high in omega-6.⠀

Pomegranate seed oil: High in omega-5, great for both oily and dry skin types. Is great to unclog and cleanse pores.⠀

Moringa oil: A great cleanser and moisturising to your skin.⠀

Baobab oil: Regenerating whilst softening your skin. Includes vitamin A, B, C and omega 3,6 and 9.

PM Oil